Pictured: 1st row: Renee Anderson, Deb Narum, Paula Narum, Maria Vasichek, Deb Ellertson, Sharon Skjervem, Sylvia Daws. 2nd row: Sherrie Kjorsvik, Ed Pawlikowski, Annette Schmidt, Darlene Slettebak. Missing: Brenda Kuchar.

Nelson County Barn Quilters

Our mission was to create North Dakota's first "quilt trail".  It started with several Michigan area people picking a quilt pattern for their barn quilt.  After they made their decision on their pattern, the patterns were drawn on plywood board.  Colors were chosen and the design was painted on the board.  The finishing touch was hanging the painted barn quilts in place for all to enjoy. 

Keep your eye out for them on your next journey through Nelson County.  More will be added soon!

A barn quilt is a quilt block pattern painted on a 8' X 8' or 4' X 4' piece of plywood.  When complete it is hung on a agricultural building, business, garage, house etc. When there is a series of quilts hung along a highway or country road they become what is called a "quilt trail". Quilt trails are very popular across the US and Canada.  If you google "barn quilt" you will see many beautiful examples. 

For more information on the Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail, please call Maria Vasichek 259-2289 or Sylvia Daws 259-2592.  

Please click below for current Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail maps.