At St. Lawrence O Toole, we are truly blessed.  We have learned that even though former parishioners have moved from Michigan, they still care about the church!  We are amazed at the response to help St. Lawrence O' Toole.  We are deeply grateful to everyone for all your help.  We could not have done the project without your help. May God richly bless you all.  Thank-You!

The church quilt was made by Fr. Meyer and Doris Karas.  Each piece of the quilt represents a donation received for the restoration project of St. Lawrence.  There were a total of 75 pieces that were needed in order to complete the design.  We received over 85 donors which completed the quilt.  The tuckpointing project was completed in September.  Our church looks beautiful!  Bradco Restoration did a wonderful job and we thank them for their attention to detail and their thoroughness.  Bradco Restoration also donated to this project- they gave us the wooden trim pieces to fix the choir loft window.  The next steps in the restoration will be to fix the choir loft window, to paint the exterior window trim and doors and to complete some roof repairs.

We would like to thank Mayor Laurie and the Michigan city council for allowing us to share these photos on this website.  Thank-you!

Please read the document below to learn more about the restoration project recently completed at St. Lawrence O'Toole.  Below are some before and after photos of the project.  Thank you to everyone that has donated on behalf of St. Lawrence O'Toole!