Nelson County Health System

Previous History of the Michigan Clinic with is now Nelson County Health System

"Boyd Hagen, MD or "Doc Hagen" as most of us know him was born and raised in Devils Lake, ND. He and his wife, Caroline, have a son and daughter in law, Josh Hagen and Michelle Lynch. They also have two grandsons, Robbie Infinger and Alex Hagen.

Doc Hagen has practiced medicine in the Michigan Community for the past 43 years. The "Michigan Community Medical Clinic" is located on the frontage road off of Hwy. 2. Doctor Hagen had two employees, Sue Ellen Fosse and Michelle Lynch.

When we had asked what Doc likes best about working in a small community, he replied, "We consider our patients to be our extended family. I also like the wonderful waterfowl opportunities and people who inform us as to where the birds are".    

His future plans for the clinic, Doc said, "We are still here after 43 years, and we'll try for 50 despite so many new regulations that hinder small practices from continuing".

Something about Doc that most people don't know is that he holds a master scuba diver certificate. He also hitchhiked and climbed to the top of the Devils Lake Ski Jump to have lunch many times in his preteen years."