4 New Barn Quilts Hung

The Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail has recently grown to 26 total quilts.  Please drive by and admire the following new barn quilts.

Quilt Name, Owners and Addresses:

"One Room Schoolhouse", Richard & Sharon Young, 221 Jeanette Ave. So., Michigan, ND

"Three Countries Joined", Duane & Marcie Oppegaard, 309 Jeanette Ave. No., Michigan, ND

"My Pride", Joyce Severson, 205 Winnefred St. W., Michigan, ND

"Stars & Stripes", Stump Lake Pioneer Village, Township Hall, Lakota, ND (painted by Sylvia Daws, Michigan, ND)

If anyone in Nelson County has painted a barn quilt and would like to be included on our trail map please let us know.  Remember the barn quilts must be a 4'X4' or an 8'X8' to qualify for the quilt trail.  Thanks!  Maria Vasichek 259-2289 and Sylvia Daws 259-2592.