Barn Quilt Trail has Interesting Visitors

Two ladies, one from Pennsylvania and the other from New Jersey, stopped in Petersburg at Nettiques antique shop on Saturday morning and visited with shop owner, Annette Schmidt.  They told her they were working towards completing their quest of visiting every state in the nation.  North Dakota was the 49th state for both women.  One had Alaska as her 50th and the other had Hawaii.  The two plan to go to Hawaii together this winter. 

When the ladies got to Grand Forks on Friday, they decided to go to a UND hockey game.  Saturday morning when they woke up they were unsure as to how to spend the rest of their weekend.  They at first talked about going to Fargo, but then decided that they live in a large city so, why would they want to go to another large city.  They happened to pick up a Grand Cities magazine at the hotel and read about the Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail Weekend.  They decided to drive out to Nelson County and do the barn quilt trail and also visit the "Nelson County Trails & Treasures" businesses (Nettiques, Petersburg, Heritage Arts, Michigan & Elaine's House of Dreams, Lakota). They seemed to be having a very enjoyable time.   Both ladies were wearing UND sweatshirts they had purchased for the game!