"Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail" gets National Coverage

A story on the "Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail" was featured on AgDay on Feb. 7th, 2013.  "AgDay” is the nation's longest-running daily syndicated news program focused on agriculture and rural America. 

The story featured on AgDay was originally aired on Feb. 3, on KFYR TV News in Bismarck.  It was on a segment called "Off the Beaten Path" by Cliff Naylor.  When Cliff was in the Michigan area to do the story on the barn quilts he visited the Shirek Buffalo Ranch and did a story on Ken Shirek and his buffalo.  You can view both these news stories by clicking on the links you'll find on both our city webpage at wwww.michigannd.com under "news" and on our Michigan City Facebook page.  A big Thank You to Cliff Naylor for coming out to northeastern Nelson County on such a cold and blustery winter day.