"End of the Day"

Barn Quilt hung at Aneta, ND

Connie Teal, Aneta, ND, submitted a picture of her new barn quilt along with the following information....

"My name is Connie Teal.  My boyfriend, Bob Carlson, and I have a country home 1/4 mile south and 1 mile west of Aneta.  We recently put up a barn quilt I made named "End of the Day". I chose that one because Bob named our home Sunshine Acres so it fit in with the theme since it is the sun going down. The colors contrast so well with the colors of the house. The gold I used was the actual house color. When we put it up it just took our breath away. We tipped it rather than square and it made a great difference. We would love to be included in the tour.  Our address is 12031 18th St NE. It was so fun to see the quilt come together!!"

Thank you, Connie, for your addition to the Nelson County Barn Quilt Trail!!