Mrs. Harry Hanson, Williston, ND Tells Story of Train Wreck

Mrs. Harry Hanson, whose husband was killed in the train wreck, gave the following personal account of her experience to the Daily Herald.

She was with her husband who was returning from Minneapolis, after having been operated on and Mrs. Hanson said, "Was so happy because he was feeling so well".

About ten minutes before the crash, Mrs. Hanson said she had gone into the sleeper from the observation car.  She was struck in the side, "It felt as if a sledge hammer hit me" as she was thrown against the side of the car.  It is believed she is just severely bruised and suffering from shock.

Mrs. Hanson said she was taken to a home in Michigan.  Later friends came for her and they waited at the train for five hours, but in vain.  There was no warning of any kind she said, "It hit like a ton of bricks".  The first thing she thought of was a "bomb".  "Someone told me" she added, "that the engine ran right in under the observation car with no possible chance of any of the 15 or 16 people in that car surviving".

The two sections were made into one train, arriving in Williston about 9:30 this morning.  According to stories from the passengers, the brakeman put his flare the required distance from the back of the train and the engineer of the approaching train jammed on the brakes so hard they buckled. 

The Hansons have one daughter Mrs Clifford Seubak of Luster, MT and three sons Walter E. of Poplar, H Donald Hanson stationed at San Francisco and Sgt. Dean E. Hanson in Washington, D.C.  They made their home at 622 6th Ave W. in Williston.