My 1945 Train Crash Story by Murial Knutson Solberg

My family lived in Michigan at the time of the big train wreck.  My Dad, Harry Knutson, was in charge of M.A. Johnsons Creamery.  I was 12 years old at the time and after we heard the big bang, Dad went to check it out.  He called home to tell us & we headed for the site.  My two older sisters, Avis & Harriett, had to take turns as someone had to take care of my little sister, Cheryl.  I stayed until the woman who was hanging out of the window was released and taken down.  My mother, Mary, had gone to help organize food for the survivors and train employees.  Rooms also needed to be found for them to sleep that night.  Shortly after we arrived home, Mother came with the Porter from the train to stay at our house & he was an African American.  We girls got "the look" meaning be quiet & don't say a word!  We later learned that others were afraid to take him in so Mother said she would.  He was very nice and thanked us many times.  Dad stayed out most of the night as the creamery provided hot water for many uses.  It truly was an unforgettable event!                              

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