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Rosary Garden

Please stop by and see the new Rosary Garden planted by loving hands just south of the St. Lawrence O'Toole Catholic Church.

The garden is a representation of the mysteries of the rosary.  The white flowers represent the Joyful Mysteries, the red flowers represent the Sorrowful Mysteries, the purple flowers represent the Luminous Mysteries and the gold flowers represent the Glorious Mysteries.  

Each flower too has great significance.  The Forget-me-not flower represents the Eyes of Mary.  The Impatient represents Mother Love.  The Petunia represents Our Lady's Praises.  The Sweet Alyssum represents the Flower of the Cross.  The Cornflower represents Mary's Crown.  The Marigold represents Mary's Gold.  The Poppy represents Christ's Blood Drops.  The Snapdragon represents Mary's Pincushion.  The Zinnia represents The Virgin.  The Larkspur represents Mary's Tears and the Morning Glory represents Our Lady's Mantle.

We are fortunate to have wonderful people in the church that would take this project on and make it what it is today.